CRM for Educational Institutes


CRM is an extremely flexible and accommodating software. It can be conveniently redesigned to fit most data management needs of an organization. Thus CRM proves to be a beneficial and worthwhile tool, also for educational institutes where large amounts of data needs to be handled and assessed at all points of time.

In education sector, CRM plays multiple roles and can be used for varied purposes depending on the needs of the institute.

  1.       To share the right information with future and present students:

When a student is in the pre-admission stage, looking for the different and best possibilities around, sharing information which is crucial to students at this stage and which will help tilt the inclination of a student in your benefit. CRM allows you to manage this crucial information sharing. Also, post the admission, it is of utmost importance that the current students are regularly updated about on-going activities around or in the campus. Here again, CRM ensures that this is brought well to play.

  1.       For well managed admission process:

Once the admission process and enrolments begin, the students who now have decided to join you need to be regularly informed about the current status of their application and need to be updated with mandatory disclosures related to the institute. All of this can be executed in an organized fashion with the help of a CRM. Also, this reduces the life cycle of the admission process increasing student convenience and higher profits.


  1.       For the centralized maintenance of student records:

With CRM you can manage and assess all the records of students like, different activities related to each of the students, his academics, co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities, projects, relevant experience etc., all can be maintained as a part of student database. With a centralized storage of this data, it can be easily shared among various departments for the efficiency and high productivity amongst the departments.

  1.       Tapping and attracting prospective students:

The time of the year, when students are making efforts for finding the best schools for themselves, it is the opportunity to reach maximum number of students, looking to pursue relevant education. Informing them about your institute and the package it brings for them, becomes a very quick and full-proof task.

  1.       Easily beginning new campaigns for the students:

During the academic session, all the different activities and campaigns that are started by the institute, can easily be managed and tracked. This strengthens the activity database for future and ensures that management can fully track the growth and success of each of such campaign.

  1.       Donation Management:

Donations are crucial to any institute as the funding keeps the system going. Therefore, maintain record of each donor and keeping them updated about the fitting manner in which their money is being utilized is important to have them connected for a long-term bond.


  1.       Alumni Management:

For any educational institute, alumni are like an asset, not just for the proud show off, but also to benefit from their network. Thus, in no way can they be left out from the system. They need to be tracked about their success and also to be informed about the growth of their alma mater.


  1.       Faculty Management:

Faculty management is another tedious task which can be very easily taken care of by a CRM or ERP. Regularly updated profile of each of the staff members’, is important, not only in the institute’s database, but also on the websites. This ensures that current and future students can be aware about any laurels earned by the faculty, as it also adds to the institute’s honour.

  1.       Trace students’ and departments’ growth:

When the students’ database in centrally available with input from all departments, it gives a clear picture about their overall growth. Besides, in a similar fashion, data can be demanded from all the different departments across the institute. This gives the organization a clear picture about the growth and the shortcomings requiring attention.

Putting CRM into use for these varied reasons, can do a lot to boost the growth of the institute and their students.

Target Integration can customize a CRM to fulfil any of the needs of the educational institute and integrate across various departments for better results.

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