Microsoft to end Windows Server 2003 support

From the 14th of July this year, Microsoft is officially ending any support and services for the Windows Server 2003. This has caused all the enterprises using and relying on this server for handling of their important and confidential company data need to take measures to keep their systems current…


Cloud Based Google Spreadsheets Replace Excel Sheets

Google Spreadsheets are a wonderful tool for real-time teamwork. With Google sheets, working on a single report from multiple locations becomes very easy. Google sheets rule out the need of repeated e-mail exchanges for any and every editing made in a document. Simply by uploading it onto the Google drive…


How to Create Forms and Store Responses in Google Apps?

Google forms is an application from the Google Apps Briefcase. It is an exceptionally convenient form filling and surveying app. Suppose, in your office, you are put in charge of collecting a certain data about all the employees or you have to undertake a survey and collect data from your…

Target Integration provides CRM and ERP Application Training.

Tools I use to Manage The Email Flood

I receive around 80 to 100 emails a day with project status, customer communication, partner communication etc. Now I am going to share my secret on how I manage these emails from slowing me down from a day to day basis in finishing my tasks. We at Target Integration use…

slide Launched to Provide Cloud Services & Support

Target Integration is proud to launch to provide cloud services and support to customers around the world. The services included are cloud servers for Odoo (formerly OpenERP) and vtiger CRM. Odoo (formerly OpenERP) servers are optimised for hosting Python based applications and have the option of version 7 or version 8….


Set your out of office response with Google!

You can now set an automatic response to let your contacts know about your availability. If you are going on vacation and don’t have an Internet connection? No problem! Gmail users can give their contacts an immediate response to let them know you won’t be able to get back to…


Are you still wondering how Cloud Computing can improve productivity, efficiency and increase innovation in your organization?

Hello and welcome to our third newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing. If you missed the earlier ones you can read the first one about What is Cloud here and the second one about Cost saving here. In this edition, we are going to tell you how Cloud computing…


How Cloud Computing can save you money?

Hello and welcome to our second newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing. In this edition we are going to tell you about the costs saving that Cloud can offer your business. Cloud Services enable your company to save money and be more competitive in an easy and realizable way….


What is Cloud Computing?

Hello and welcome to our first article from the series on Cloud Computing. During this series of articles we will be covering basics of Cloud Computing and providing you further information on what is this new buzz word in the market and how it can benefit your business. This week…


Setup Google Mail on Outlook Express

Are you still using Outlook Express? I don’t blame you, with Windows XP still being a popular Operating System and most of the functionality of a good email client already being available from Outlook Express… why not? If you are using Google Apps for your business or would like to…