How to figure out the token number for custom fields to be used in mass emails in CiviCRM?

While sending out mass mails using CiviCRM, we might need to include tokens which were not present in the CRM by default but created by customization. To include such customized tokens, you need to find out the corresponding token number so that you can include them at the required stage…

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Is CRM an Over-Hyped Software?

Companies around the globe are using Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software. But is it really worth the time and money which is being put in to it? Why not! A CRM is a very simple to use and an intelligent software, which can incorporate easily with businesses of any size…

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Odoo Mobile App for Vendors

Odoo is one of the leading ERP’s in the market and the most versatile one too. The future of ERP has been predicted by technology gurus and mobile has seen to play an important part in that. So, is having your ERP easily accessible on your mobile phone the only…

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CRM and its problems -- as per a Transition Year Student

We had Calvin last week doing a one week internship in the company. After his whole week of hard work we asked him to write just a small essay and this is what Calvin thinks of a CRM. CRM is Customer Relationship Management software. It is used for managing Companies interactions…


Managing Deceased Contacts in CiviCRM

With any CRM, data can be considered as being in a ‘fluid’ shape, in that it is always changing. Data that you have painstakingly entered a couple of months ago is already showing possible signs of degradation. With CiviCRM, due to it’s tendency to be used moreso by non-profit, or…


How to be productive with CRM?

What is CRM? The adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems by the companies is increasing every year to enhance the quality of interactions with customers. CRM systems are the application of an enterprise which is involved in organizing the business dealings with clients by integrating customer-oriented business processes. CRM…


How to add an Online Registration to your Events?

CiviEvent is CiviCRM’s Event registration module. It centralizes your event registration and management process and allows you to create any number of events, customize events and participants information as necessary, accept registration fees on line and communicate with your participants through CiviMail. If you don’t know how to create an Event follow step…


Things to Consider Before Buying a CRM

Have you ever thought about the few basic though very important considerations businesses need to keep in mind while buying a Business management Software? The list is not exhaustive and hence it will all depend on particular requirements and situations of your business which should be considered you invest in…


Updates from CiviCon London 2012

This week I had the pleasure to meet the team of CiviCRM in CiviCon London. This was my first CiviCON but Target Integration had sponsored it last year as well. It was great to see major teams working on multiple different projects and multiple different aspects of improving the software….


CiviCRM: Free Open Source Membership Management Application

Let us tell you about the Free Open Source membership management application CiviCRM. In next few weeks we will bring you a series of articles to cover how you can use a free software like this to enhance your organisation’s management. Running a membership based organisation has everything to do with…