Live Chat: Does It Really Help Your Web Store?

It is well known in the marketing world that word of mouth is the best form of publicity. But at the same time, it is not something you can pay for. You have to earn it. How do you earn it? The answer is simple! Provide impeccable customer support and…


Why Integrate your ERP with Your Online store?

E-Commerce is a trending genre, soon being visualized as the future of most businesses regardless of whether it is a B2B or B2C kind of a business set-up. So if you have decided to take your business a step forward, and built a web store for your products then just…


How to add a product to Jigoshop in WordPress

This user guide will show the step by step process to add a new product to your Jigoshop product listings on WordPress. Also in this section we will cover how to tag a category for that product to add it to your site. Step one: Logging in simply log in…


Creating Custom HTML Module in Joomla

I have often been asked by a number of Joomla users and website administrators that can I add a module with some text and images in it. Also, what about adding some custom HTML on your website or a widget provided by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Well, I am always…


How Google Works?

Recently, I got a chance to speak on behalf of the Education Coordinator in the South Dublin Chamber's B2B meeting. I picked up the topic "How Google Works", this topic itself probably has been explained in detail by lots and lots of internet gurus around the world and a lot…


Link Building Strategies for Search Engine Optimisation

You must have received emails or phone calls from various web development companies who promise you to improve your search engine visibility by getting you a number of links from other websites. Although, “link building” is a very good way of improving your website’s search engine visibility; but you have…


How to install Self Signed SSL Certificate in Apache with OpenSSL

An SSL certificate secures the communication between the user and the web server. For commercial reasons it is required to use an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority but if you would like to secure the data transfer on a personal application, you can do so by using a self…


Backing Up Your Website!!

treasurecopyDisaster recovery is the most important strategy every business should consider when in today’s time businesses are based on the Internet or software. Your website is one very important part of your business and you should consider on backing up periodically. If the content of your website changes frequently, your backup frequency should be higher otherwise


Track Visitors of Your Site – Website Statistics

analyticDo you know:

  • How many visitors were on your website last week?
  • Which pages on your website are most popular?
  • Which country/county they came from?
  • Which Keywords are bringing most customers to your website?
  • What is Google Analytics?