Which one is the best CRM Application?

I know you must be thinking what a controversial topic. But every time someone rings me with this question I take a pause and then tell them you need to decide what you need and then on the basis of that we can decide what is a good fit for you….



Yes! Your Salon needs a CRM software as well. With the immensely increasing competition in service industry, pleasing the client becomes extremely important. To give your customers that WOW experience, couple your services with a CRM for the increased customer Step-In. Wouldn’t it be appealing for your customers to receive a…


Why you should run your event management business on Odoo?

Running a Event Management Business? Not on Odoo? oh boy! We all know that Event Industry is everlasting & we also know that we face many ups and downs in it. But how does Odoo helps you grow your business? What if i tell you that you can manage your…

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Five Important Features of a Holidays Management System

While working as an ERP consultant recently, I had to help a HR Manager whose main problem was managing leave, and excessive leave problems. We were told that leave abuse was their biggest problem. 10 percent may not sound like a lot, but in an organisation with 200 employees and…


Configure Odoo to use Zentyal LDAP

Configure Odoo to use Zentyal LDAP This document assumes you already have a working copy of Odoo and Zentyal.  The software used to write this blog is Odoo 8.0 and Zentyal 4.0.2       Configure Zentyal Zentyal should be installed with LDAP functionality (Users and Computers) Login to Zentyal…


5 Step Guide to take down the market with Vtiger CRM

Offering amazing Customer Service is the key for a business to distinguish itself from other competitors and for building momentum. Studies shows that consumers are ready to spent more on the company which they believe provides better services than others & turn into long-term customers. It’s easy to manage small companies on…


Label Manufacturing: Better managed with or without an ERP ?

Label and sticker printing is an extremely competitive business as this business stays relatively unaffected during most economical turmoil in industry. Thus it becomes more important for the owners of a printing business to integrate latest technology with their business to have an edge over their competitors. This article makes…


Microsoft to end Windows Server 2003 support

From the 14th of July this year, Microsoft is officially ending any support and services for the Windows Server 2003. This has caused all the enterprises using and relying on this server for handling of their important and confidential company data need to take measures to keep their systems current…


Souhaitez-vous être efficace avec un ERP? Voici un guide en 5 points!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) est un logiciel d’automatisation des processus d’affaires. Mais apporte-t-il une réelle valeur ajoutée à votre entreprise, ou est-ce juste un autre logiciel pour alléger notre fardeau sur l’ordinateur. Voyons rapidement 5 façons d’être efficace avec un logiciel ERP. La prise de décision efficace: Un logiciel ERP…


How to figure out the token number for custom fields to be used in mass emails in CiviCRM?

While sending out mass mails using CiviCRM, we might need to include tokens which were not present in the CRM by default but created by customization. To include such customized tokens, you need to find out the corresponding token number so that you can include them at the required stage…