Vtiger vs Sugar CRM: Major Points of Difference

Vtiger CRM: Vtiger CRM is a customer relationship manager, available as open source as well as closed source. Sugar CRM: A customer relationship management (CRM) system which is available in both open-source and commercial open-source applications Sugar CRM vs Vtiger CRM: Here is a table highlighting major differences between Vtiger and Sugar CRM. Features Vtiger…


Vtiger vs Sage CRM: Which is the right choice for your Business?

Vtiger CRM: Vtiger CRM refers to both open and close source versions of the CRM application. Various CRM providers can work on and customize this software to provide to their customers. Sage CRM: Sage CRM is a line of software products for customer relationship management in the small and medium-size…


Vtiger vs Zoho CRM: Know the Difference!

Vtiger CRM: Vtiger CRM provided Vtiger and provided by CRM vendors both as open and closed source, is a Customer Relationship Manager Software, to help users manage their information pool ZOHO CRM: ZOHO CRM is one of the products offered by the company ZOHO in their suite. They provide free…


Vtiger vs Microsoft Dynamics: Which is the better CRM?

Vtiger CRM: Vtiger CRM from Vtiger is an open source product which can also be installed as a closed source product. With a user friendly interface, it is an easily customizable software, tailored to suit customer needs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM is part of Microsoft Business Solutions, providing sales, service,…


Vtiger vs Sales Mantra: Which Serves your Business Better?

Vtiger CRM: Vtiger CRM is Customer Relationship Management Software available in both open and closed source, aiming to bring transparency and accuracy to a business. Sales Mantra: Sales Mantra CRM is an online software solution, enabling efficient business management. Vtiger vs Sales Mantra: Below is a table to list and…


Vtiger vs Salesforce: Which is the Right CRM choice for you?

Vtiger CRM: Available in both open and closed source version, Vtiger customer relationship management software is an easily customizable software. Salesforce CRM: Salesforce CRM is one of the main products of the company Salesforce. It provides CRM to all sizes of business enterprises. Vtiger vs Salesforce: The table below highlights…

data protection

Vtiger Security Feature

Vtiger CRM is one of the most widely used CRM across the globe. The various features and modules of Vtiger ensure proper integration and utilization of the information resource. Thus it can be easily established that a CRM is like an information pool, storing large, critical and confidential company data….


Functionalities Behind Price Books

In this blog we will be explaining the functionalities behind Price Books. Price books are required to allow provision of differentiated price lists for different customer groups. As per your requirement you can vary your selling prices to customers, based on various criteria, such as special offers, preferred customer pricing,…


Quotation Management in vtiger/vtplus CRM

This week’s topic is Quotes module, which comes under Inventory Management: This is how the Quotes module home-screen looks like:   A Quote can be defined as a formal statement issued by a seller, to the prospective buyer at their request. It contains the detailed list of Products and Services, Prices and…


Work out for Service Contracts and FAQ

In this blog, we’ll go through the sections on Service Contracts, and the FAQ. Firstly, we shall break down the terminology around Service Contracts – below, you will see the start screen for this module: A service contract is recommended to maintain a healthy trading relationship with the client. It will also help…