Microsoft to end Windows Server 2003 support

From the 14th of July this year, Microsoft is officially ending any support and services for the Windows Server 2003. This has caused all the enterprises using and relying on this server for handling of their important and confidential company data need to take measures to keep their systems current…


Are you still wondering how Cloud Computing can improve productivity, efficiency and increase innovation in your organization?

Hello and welcome to our third newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing. If you missed the earlier ones you can read the first one about What is Cloud here and the second one about Cost saving here. In this edition, we are going to tell you how Cloud computing…


How Cloud Computing can save you money?

Hello and welcome to our second newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing. In this edition we are going to tell you about the costs saving that Cloud can offer your business. Cloud Services enable your company to save money and be more competitive in an easy and realizable way….


What is Cloud Computing?

Hello and welcome to our first article from the series on Cloud Computing. During this series of articles we will be covering basics of Cloud Computing and providing you further information on what is this new buzz word in the market and how it can benefit your business. This week…


Google Apps for Business

When you are starting up your business one critical decision is to choose various services and service providers carefully. You want to work with those who provide you an affordable service and at the same time allow for growth as your business grows. You don't want to be dependent on…