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Aparna Sharma is a double Masters Degree Holder. She has worked as a project manager, business analyst in the field of Financial Industry and IT.

Generate Dummy Data for Testing Your Software

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  Target Integration deals with a lot of CRM applications like vTiger, CiviCRM etc and every now and then we need to test either a new CRM addon or a custom CRM Application for a business. In order to make sure that we don't do experiments with real user data we use a free script [...]

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How to setup signature in Outlook

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  Microsoft Outlook allows you to have automated signatures at the bottom of your email. Signatures are great and they can be used for a lot of reasons: Contact Information  Company Information Any new offer or business news You can even include your company logo or an image/banner in your signature as well. Follow these [...]

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CiviCon 2011 Sponsorship

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Target Integration has been extensively involved and active in the CiviCRM community for last few years. Not only Target Integration has served the community based, membership based organisations/association and non-profit businesses with this solution, it has also contributed to the CiviCRM community with the projects like JoomCivi, CiviSync etc. And now Target Integration feels proud [...]

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