Can a CRM help Your Real Estate Business?

In the world of real estate dealings, constant offers, requirements keep pouring in. Each client has an exclusive set of specified demands and it is extremely mandatory for a real estate dealer to find a property to suit the exact needs of the client to make the best out of…


Lawyer/Solicitor? Don’t Loose any Important Information About Your Client!

If you are a lawyer and reading this, you will surely agree with me when I say that managing piles of papers in your office is surely one of the most exhausting and without a doubt annoying task of your day. You do not enjoy it a bit and yet…


Recording Phone Calls and Meetings in OpenERP CRM

OpenERP has a very extensive CRM module which allows you to look after your customers/leads and contacts by recording information related to them stored in the OpenERP database. The module also has functionality of recording Phone Calls and Meetings with your contacts. Follow the steps below to record a phone…


Managing Deceased Contacts in CiviCRM

With any CRM, data can be considered as being in a ‘fluid’ shape, in that it is always changing. Data that you have painstakingly entered a couple of months ago is already showing possible signs of degradation. With CiviCRM, due to it’s tendency to be used moreso by non-profit, or…


Vtiger/VTPlus – How to change password and other stuff

In this blog we will be going through how to add functionalities such as new currencies, customizing themes, and so on. To navigate to ‘My Preferences’, move your cursor to the far right side as shown in screenshot below:     Once you click this, the following screen will appear;…


Importing Contacts to CiviCRM

Importing contacts to any database information system is crucial and important for number of reasons, depending on the type of business and management strategy that you adapt. And as contrary to how scary IMPORT word sounds, it is quite simple to do so in CiviCRM. Literally in few clicks you will…


What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

A lot of people ask me in meetings that what is a CRM application. I thought it will be a good idea to write a detailed article around this. In general, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a process of managing the relationship with your customer. The relationship…


Thoughts for eCommerce (Tienda) & CRM (vTiger) Sync

One of our customer would like to have vTiger to manage the customers and orders in vTiger and have a web shop integrated with it. After a lot of investigations we are now planning to integrate vTiger CRM with Tienda Shopping cart. Tienda is an Open Source eCommerce software for…


Update: vTiger MailChimp Module

Hey Friends, It was good to see the high level of interest within the community for a vTiger MailChimp module. But being busy with our own projects we never got a chance to upgrade it to version 5.2.1 and release it for the community. The first version which was for…


Features of a Good Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Managing contacts can be a challenging task for any business but with a proper Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) such as vTiger; managing customers is as easy as ABC. Customers in case of a CRM is a very general term used for any individual/organisation who have had any dealing with you….