Plan an ERP

3 Important Considerations for a Successful ERP Implementation

You plan to install an ERP system at your Business………… You survey the market and purchase the one that best suits your pocket and business…….. Is that the end of the story. Definitely, NOT! You have to make sure that your ERP system does not become a liability for you…

GNU Linux

What is Ghost Vulnerability in Linux Servers/Desktops?

Are you running a Linux server in your business or for your website or CRM? Then there is a possibility that it is affected with the Ghost Vulnerability. Wondering what is Ghost Vulnerability? It is a serious security problem found in the GNU C Library (Glibc) called Ghost.  How do…


Generate SSH Public Key using Mobaxterm for Windows

I don’t know about you but I love to use Mobaxterm by Mobatek (Available to Download from The application provides a powerful bash shell for my Windows Machine but for simple usage it gives me a tool to connect to Linux servers of Target Integration as well as their clients…


How to choose the right software to grow your business?

Are you buying new software for your organisation? Have you checked these points? The article was first published in Business & Finance on 24th March 2014 online edition. A copy is available here. From CRM to data analysis, investing in the right software can make the difference between success and failure according…


Two Factor Authentication in Joomla 3.2

This is exciting for those who know it and for all the power users and security freaks out there. From version 3.2 onwards, Joomla! comes with a built-in two factor authentication system. It secures your site login with a secondary secret code that’s changing every 30 seconds. You can use…


CiviCRM: Free Open Source Membership Management Application

Let us tell you about the Free Open Source membership management application CiviCRM. In next few weeks we will bring you a series of articles to cover how you can use a free software like this to enhance your organisation’s management. Running a membership based organisation has everything to do with…


vTiger helps you to grow your Sales!

  Hello and welcome to our second article from the series on vTiger. If you missed the first one on what vTiger CRM is about, you can read it right here.   As you may know, Sales Force Automation is an important CRM function that enhances the operations of your…


vTiger CRM? The easy answer for managing a business more effectively!

  Hello and welcome to our newsletter! Some of you may already know about a Customer Relationship Manager but in this edition we are going to tell you about Open Source Customer Relationship Manager called Vtiger. Firstly for those who don’t know much about CRM; a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)…


Are you still wondering how Cloud Computing can improve productivity, efficiency and increase innovation in your organization?

Hello and welcome to our third newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing. If you missed the earlier ones you can read the first one about What is Cloud here and the second one about Cost saving here. In this edition, we are going to tell you how Cloud computing…


How Cloud Computing can save you money?

Hello and welcome to our second newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing. In this edition we are going to tell you about the costs saving that Cloud can offer your business. Cloud Services enable your company to save money and be more competitive in an easy and realizable way….