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How to Read QR Codes on iPhone?

Quick Response (QR) Codes are becoming popular day by day and they are being used on electronic and no electronic media equally. For an example of a QR Code, see below this post. In order to read a QR code you need to have an application on your Smart Phone. One such application for iPhone […]

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Access Emails on iPhone using IMAP

A large number of businesses use their own email servers or use an email service provided by their web hosting provider. These emails can also be picked up using your iPhone over a protocol called IMAP. If you know that your mail service supports IMAP you can use the following instructions to pickup emails on […]

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Easy Setup Guide – Google Apps on Your iPhone

So you have got your emails working on Google Apps. I must say excellent decision. Google is providing world class email, calendar, contacts and chat for small businesses and it is the most cost effective and best quality technical solution for your communication needs and the best thing is that it is mobile friendly as […]

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