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Generating QR Codes

You may have seen our post on How to Read QR Code on your iPhone? but these codes are to be generated so that they can be printed on your marketing material. And most of my friends in printing/design industry know very well that for printing you need a high resolution vector format of the design […]

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Update: vTiger MailChimp Module

Hey Friends, It was good to see the high level of interest within the community for a vTiger MailChimp module. But being busy with our own projects we never got a chance to upgrade it to version 5.2.1 and release it for the community. The first version which was for vTiger 5.1.0 was released to […]

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Newsletters and Email Blacklists

We have done a number of emarketing courses and during those courses we have always recommended people to not to send emails using their own email server. In this post we will talk about what are the advantages of using a third party service for sending bulk emails. This will become a basis of our […]

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