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    This is the first blog on knowledgement.ie on Entrepreneurship, through which we are starting the new category on knowleagement for our readers. Entrepreneurship is in itself a vast topic which is not only tough to write but to live as well if you don’t believe ask yourself or…

Odoo provides Powerful Content filtering and reporting

Email Configuration in Odoo

How to setup/configure Email server in Odoo? User can setup email servers to receive or send emails from Odoo. This setting is global, so all the users will share this setting. Configure Outgoing mail Server To send Emails, Go to Settings –> Email –> Outgoing Mail Servers. Fill all the mandatory…


Are you still wondering how Cloud Computing can improve productivity, efficiency and increase innovation in your organization?

Hello and welcome to our third newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing. If you missed the earlier ones you can read the first one about What is Cloud here and the second one about Cost saving here. In this edition, we are going to tell you how Cloud computing…


How Cloud Computing can save you money?

Hello and welcome to our second newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing. In this edition we are going to tell you about the costs saving that Cloud can offer your business. Cloud Services enable your company to save money and be more competitive in an easy and realizable way….


Set Static IP Address for Ubuntu/Debian Server

If you install an Ubuntu/Debian server, by default, it is only set up with DHCP and hence it fetches an IP address automatically from the DHCP server. In order to change the DHCP IP address to a static IP address you can edit /etc/network/interfaces file of your server and set…