Wondering how to manage your annual support/service contracts?

What is a Service Contract?

Service contracts are defined as the agreement which is rendered to the customer and it is negotiable, as per contract, our service support center/help desk is supposed to provide services for the decided time period.

Fields where we use service contracts

Service contracts can be used in almost any industry. Some of the examples are,

  1. Automobile – In the field of automobile when you purchase any vehicle, then dealer told you to extend the maintenance period time, for that dealer can use CYCRM (Cloud Yogi CRM) software to make their service contracts.
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Computers and Laptops – When you sell the computer or laptops and their accessories you can use the CYCRM (Cloud Yogi CRM) software to make their service contracts.
  4. Software and Hardware – When you sell any of the hardware products to any of the company or customer, you can easily make their service contracts with the help of CYCRM (Cloud Yogi Crm) software.
  5. Home appliances – In the field of Home appliances such as refrigerator, TV, washing machine then you can use CYCRM (Cloud Yogi CRM) software to make their service contracts.
  6. Electrical appliances
  7. Websites – When you make the website and deploy it to the market then we can easily issue the service contracts with the help of CYCRM (Cloud Yogi CRM) software.

Why use Cloud Yogi CRM?

  1. To increase marketing and sales process up to 30%.
  2. To make call centres more efficient
  3. To improve customer service up to 35%.
  4. To find out new customers and increase customer profits
  5. To cross sell products more effectively.

To Create Cloud Yogi CRM’s Service Contracts Module

You can enter Service Contract details manually from Service Contracts Module. Steps to make Service Contract records manually are below-

  1. In Service Contracts tab, click on New Service Contract button
  2. In the Create Service Contract view, fill in the Contract information
  3. Click Save.

Quick Create

You can enter basic details of Service Contract record through Quick create. Steps to create Service Contract records through Quick create

  1. Click (+) Icon on top right corner
  2. Select  Service Contract
  3. In the Create Service Contract view, fill in the Contract information
  4. Click Save.


Quick Create Service Contract

Various Field Information in Quick Create Service Contract:

1.      Subject:-In this field you can provide the subject to which service contract is created.
2.      Start Date:- Provide service start date
3.      Organizations/Contacts: – Field of organization and Contacts will be updated in Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Quotes. When service contract is filled.
4.      Due Date: – Provide service expected end date.
5.      Assigned to: – You can relate to which service contract is related.
6.      Tracking Unit: – You can select the desired tracking unit from the picklist accordingly. When a trouble ticket is related to Hours, Days or Incidents
7.      Total Units:-It specifies the number of service instances that you would offer.
8.       Used Units:- Automatically updated when Status field of Trouble Ticket associated with Service Contract is set to Closed.
When to click on the Go to full form:- then one more option will it provide:


9.  Priority:- You can set the priority whether it is Low, Normal or High
10. Save:- By clicking on save you will save the service contracts.

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