How to install Self Signed SSL Certificate in Apache with OpenSSL

An SSL certificate secures the communication between the user and the web server. For commercial reasons it is required to use an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority but if you would like to secure the data transfer on a personal application, you can do so by using a self…


vTiger announces release of version 5.1.0

vTiger announces releases new version 5.1.0vTiger, a true open source Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), released version 5.1.0 last month. The new version boasts of more than 150 features/enhancements, 700 bug fixes and other performance enhancements. The new version replaces the last stable version 5.0.4. The latest version of the applcation and the upgrade package can be downloaded from or their website at

Some of the main features of the new version are: