MailChimp Integration Module Released

Yes MailChimp module was released last week. Have you downloaded a copy yet?

MailChimp Module for vTiger comes with the following features:

  • Synchronise Contacts in MailChimp Lists with MailChimp Campaigns in vTigers to keep one store of information
  • Synchronise subscription and unsubscribe requests to your lists and keep you covered under the data protection act
  • Allows using MailChimp as the email marketing software for newsletters and vTiger as the store of contacts

We plan to run a couple of webinars and YouTube videos to help you get up and running quickly so watch this space and do subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

In coming versions we plan to improve these further and create a fully automated MailChimp module.

If you have any questions or queries or even a feature request you can use our Forum on for the same.

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Scott says:

Where is the “Synchronize with MailChimp” button located? Can you lay out the exact path on how to get there because when I open (edit) a campaign, I’m just not seeing it.


John Shipley says:

It would be great to have this available in the Vtiger OnDemand version!!

screenmates says:


I’ve found that the MailChimp extension for vTiger is one of the MOST productive, important and interesting modules. I installed it for v5.2.1 and followed all the installation and integration instructions. However, when I create campaigns in MailChimp module matching the names of the lists in MailChimp and click “Synchronize with MailChimp”, I am getting:

“Record you are trying to access is not found. Go Back”

In the best case, it is synching the contacts from MailChimp into vTiger on some lists/campaigns but not all contacts are synched from MailChimp for the campaign/list. For instance, on lists that are of size 547 contacts, I got only 37 contacts synced and subsequent attempts to re-sync would not do anything.

Please help as I am counting very heavily on maintaining all contacts, unsubscribes, etc inside vTiger for MailChimp.

Thank you for your excellent work and keep up the good work….

Scott Long says:

I would say just use Omnistar Mailer

And Is that fully integrated with vTiger CRM?