slide Launched to Provide Cloud Services & Support

Target Integration is proud to launch to provide cloud services and support to customers around the world. The services included are cloud servers for Odoo (formerly OpenERP) and vtiger CRM. Odoo (formerly OpenERP) servers are optimised for hosting Python based applications and have the option of version 7 or version 8….


Recording Phone Calls and Meetings in OpenERP CRM

OpenERP has a very extensive CRM module which allows you to look after your customers/leads and contacts by recording information related to them stored in the OpenERP database. The module also has functionality of recording Phone Calls and Meetings with your contacts. Follow the steps below to record a phone…


Enable a Journal to Allow Cancelling Entries in OpenERP

Generally, it is not recommended that you cancel entries in a Journal or at least allow normal users to cancel entries. But in cases where you have to correct your journals to bring them back to sanity you can enable them to cancel entries by going to Accounting > Configuration…


Setting up your Bank Accounts in OpenERP v7

In this post, we’ll cover the setup and configuration or Bank Accounts in OpenERP v7; Using the following click-path: Accounting > Configuration > Accounts > Setup your Bank Accounts – then click ‘Create'; You will then see the Bank Account edit screen. Fill in the details as required, making sure…


Adding your Custom Query into Pentaho Report Designer

Following on from our last article, ‘Using Pentaho Report Designer to Create Reports for OpenERP v7′: – it is recommended that you read through the previous articles for ease of reference. We now move on to adding your custom query to the report page layout. If you are familiar with…


Using Pentaho Report Designer to Create Reports for OpenERP v7

You can use Pentaho Report Designer to Create Reports for OpenERP v7 – Here’s a brief tutorial on how to get started. Simply open your Penatho Report Designer, and click Data > Add Datasource > Advanced > OpenERP Data Access Enter your hostname and port number (8069 will be selected by…


Setting up Pentaho Report Designer for OpenERP v7 on your Windows Computer

In order to generate reports from OpenERP v7 you need to have Pentaho Report Designer downloaded from Pentaho’s website and unzipped on your computer. The package is a binary package which doesn’t need installation on your computer and hence you can run it from the folder where you unzipped it….