The five basic pillars of the digitization of SMEs by 2022

With a small but well-directed investment, a Digital Marketing Plan can completely transform a business

With a digitizer present fully on top, the SME that wants to obtain a good profitability must strive to follow a series of guidelines that mark the path of its digital transformation process with criteria. The experts at Cosmomedia bring together five essential pillars to achieve this.

If these last two years were those of superdigitalization in improvised solutions for the survival of SMEs, in the face of the restrictions of the pandemic, this 2022 will be the year of well-structured, programmed and planned digitization to help drive recovery and face the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies, in the medium and long term.

Digitization aids are here

Among the main reasons for this to be the "digital year" is the settlement of digital customs, which translate into greater consumer confidence, who little by little has made the leap online in their way of communicating and buying. In fact, 76% of Spanish Internet users already buy online, according to data from IABSpain and the number of users is increasing more and more, according to Statista.

This digital trend of "cyberconsumption" will be motivated in 2022 by the arrival of the Digital Help Kit Program for SMEs, with which the Government and the European Union will promote the implementation of Digital Solutions in small and medium-sized companies. Kit Digital will have categories that include from the creation of a Website, through its positioning on the Internet, and the implementation of Electronic Commerce or the management of its social networks in a professional way, among other digital categories.

Thanks to this, in 2022 companies will have the possibility of promoting their Digital Transformation in an effective way, with the Digital Solution that best suits their needs, through a Digitizer Agent, which will be the accredited figure within AceleraPyme - Red .is for the development of this digital service.

Although the portal does not yet have a list of Digitizing Agents and the procedures for SMEs to request their digital voucher have yet to be completed, the new year is expected to begin with access to all those aid packages, which are included in the Plan Recovery, Transformation and Resilience, with funding from the NextGenerationEU program of the European Union.

SME digitization: steps for 2022

With a digitizer present completely on top, the SME that wants to obtain a good profitability should strive to follow a series of guidelines, which will mark the way in their digitizer process with criteria. The experts at Cosmomedia summarize it with five basic pillars:

Starting point, sector situation and competitive value

What can my company contribute that others are not already developing successfully? In the vastness of the Internet, the differential value allows the SME to stand out from its competition, to have that digital space in which to grow.

"It is about the SME analyzing its starting point, where it is in the sector and what it can contribute that is different," says José Manuel Fuentes, CEO of Cosmomedia, a company specializing in offering digital solutions for SMEs. And it is that, on the Internet, the most successful SMEs are those capable of satisfying specific needs that the large Marketplaces cannot provide.

Training in practical digital skills

In this digital journey of SMEs, there is a key aspect for any entrepreneur and freelancer: to start digitizing by yourself.

Although it is obvious in the case of the self-employed, training in digital skills is also a basic aspect for the SME entrepreneur, because only by understanding the digital language can they know which solutions are more successful, to invest judiciously and effectively.

In addition, by solving daily tasks that previously outsourced, the SME saves direct costs, increases its autonomy and advances in more innovative products and services. In this, companies have a specialized Digitization Plan for SMEs and Freelancers with which they can increase their "digital skills" from the most basic level of knowledge.

Digital strategy adapted to SMEs

The development of a digital strategy that adapts to the situation of each company is also key. Precisely, the Digital Kit Program establishes as the first and obligatory step to carry out a Digital Diagnostic Test that serves to study your particular situation.

In this digital strategy, preparing a Digital Marketing Plan and visibility on the Internet can provide the boost that the SME needs, through the most appropriate digital tools.

Digital tools for SMEs

Investment in Digital Marketing will grow in 2022, motivated by aid for digitization and by the boom in online shopping. In this investment, the central axis will continue to be the creation of a modern and current website that adapts to mobile devices, but that is also designed to appear in the best Google results, or configured for online sales.

With the web as the axis of the entire digital strategy of the SME, the commitment to its promotion with blog-type content, videos, tutorials and all of this disseminated through digital channels will focus on another fundamental aspect in the digital transformation of companies.

Social networks as the main channel of digital communication

With each passing year we are more social and we are more connected. In the process of buying and connecting customers, the management of social networks is the closest way to connect first to sell later.

Precisely, the IABSpain annual report already establishes that 46% of online sales traffic comes from social networks, but also the remaining 46% comes from online advertising, which also uses those same social media.

The segmentation of ads on networks, which are increasingly personalized, allows the SME that has found that differentiating value to connect it with its audience.

"With a small but well-directed investment, a Digital Marketing Plan can completely transform a business, turning it into a regional benchmark," says Gregory Fraile, specialist in Digital Marketing Strategies at Cosmomedia.

The digitization of companies next year will be a true tsunami, undoubtedly motivated by the Digital Aid Kit Program. The success of this investment is that SMEs and freelancers know how to invest with a good eye in an optimal digital strategy that covers these five essential pillars in its innovative and transformative process.