CiviCRM 3.0 Released

New CiviCRM Version ReleasedCiviCRM team has announced the release of latest version (version 3.0) of their highly extensive membership management application. The new version boasts of a number of improvements and new features from the last stable version 2.2 Other than its standard features the latest version has features such as:


Installing Alternative PHP Cache (APC) on Ubuntu 8.04 PHP5 Apache2

First of all some of the packages which are required for APC: apache2-threaded-dev : This package provides the development headers and apxs2 binary for threaded versions of apache2 php5-dev : This package provides the files from the PHP5 source needed for compiling additional modules. php-pear : This package contains the…


How to install Self Signed SSL Certificate in Apache with OpenSSL

An SSL certificate secures the communication between the user and the web server. For commercial reasons it is required to use an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority but if you would like to secure the data transfer on a personal application, you can do so by using a self…


vTiger announces release of version 5.1.0

vTiger announces releases new version 5.1.0vTiger, a true open source Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), released version 5.1.0 last month. The new version boasts of more than 150 features/enhancements, 700 bug fixes and other performance enhancements. The new version replaces the last stable version 5.0.4. The latest version of the applcation and the upgrade package can be downloaded from or their website at

Some of the main features of the new version are:


Backing Up Your Website!!

treasurecopyDisaster recovery is the most important strategy every business should consider when in today’s time businesses are based on the Internet or software. Your website is one very important part of your business and you should consider on backing up periodically. If the content of your website changes frequently, your backup frequency should be higher otherwise


Simplest Tutorial on Using Subversion with TortoiseSVN and

I started my first Open Source project based on Joomla and CiviCRM and called it JoomCivi. Checkout my next post to know about this project. I got JoomCivi registered on but when it came to using SVN, I was a bit confused so I started learning about it. Subversion…


Track Visitors of Your Site – Website Statistics

analyticDo you know:

  • How many visitors were on your website last week?
  • Which pages on your website are most popular?
  • Which country/county they came from?
  • Which Keywords are bringing most customers to your website?
  • What is Google Analytics?

Shoutcast Server on Windows

There you go.  I decided on implementing a shoutcast server on my PC. Two reasons: Sharing audio with everyone at home Testing the server so that we can implement one online radio for Hari Om Group with Guruji’s satsang and second one with Bollywood Masala ( So here we go,…


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – An Introduction

What would a person do when he wants to buy a product or service? He will talk to friends, search the yellow pages, and go from shop to shop to search for a particular product/service… Nah…… not in this electronic age? With increasing number of Internet users around the globe, the primary source of information is the website search. I do it, you do it and we all do it. We search internet for everything, so much so that the term GOOGLE has replaced the word search in our mindset. We GOOGLE it.


Satisfied Online Shopper is More Likely to Purchase Again

Online-Customer-ServicesA US study of online shopping habits has found that a highly satisfied online shopper is 73 percent more likely to purchase online than a dissatisfied shopper, and 75 percent more likely to recommend a site to a friend. The annual report into customer satisfaction with retail websites by ForeSee Results showed that only 10 of 40 top e-tail sites managed to improve their online shopper satisfaction rating since the previous year’s study.