How to use customer portal for resgitering complaints

How to use customer portal for resgitering complaints

Once you do so the below screen will open

Customer Portal

  • Use your username and password provided by the customer or CRM and login

After you login below screen will open

Customer Portal 2

  • Below screenshot will let you know the following things that can be done through the portal



In this image, arrows significance the below details


Brown Arrow – The various type of complaints stored in the system on your behalf like All, Open, In Progress, Wait for Response, Closed.

Blue Arrow – It will show you the all closed tickets

Red Arrow – It will allow you to enter the new complaint

Green Arrow – It will allow you to search any ticket which is registered in the system.


Hope this will help and make your complaint registering process easier, you can share this with your customer to guide them how to user Customer Portal as well.

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