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How to Change or Add New Email Address in LinkedIn?

One of our friend asked last week how can a user change the email address on LinkedIn so that the emails go to a non business/official email address and avoid filling up the inbox. LinkedIn allows you to have a number of email addresses and make one primary. This way all the communication goes to […]

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How to delete your LinkedIn account

If you are fed up with the linkedin requests or if you don’t like to be in touch with your business colleagues or if you have created multiple profiles and it is time now to clean them out then you want to delete your linkedin account. You can do that by logging in with the […]

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Social Media Means Business Conference Update

Last week I had a chance to go to the Social Media Means Business Conference in Tallaght Stadium. I must say that the conference was a very good overview of Social Media for Business. Krishna De was brilliant as always. She covered how businesses can benefit from using Social Media as a marketing tool. It […]

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