Is Cloud Really the Future of ERP?


Industry analysts are always up for their task of studying the prevailing trends and making relevant predictions accordingly. This time the IT Industry analysts have come up with the prediction about the most trending technology term ‘The Cloud’.

These industry analysts have not only come up with a new term that will be the next trending term as per them, but also predicted the movement of major ‘on premises’ software to the cloud.

ERP is one such software that is expected to show its movement to the cloud largely. It seems that the days of on-premises ERP software won’t be that long.

Reviewing the analysts’ report, I would completely agree with them.

The advantages that cloud based ERP enjoys over the on-premises ERP are undeniable. Let me elaborate these further for you.

  • This will reduce the cost of ERP for the users.
  • It also increases stability in your business and enhances security.
  • You can experience better outcomes.
  • The increased ease of use will be an added advantage.

These analysts have also declared that ‘SoMoClo’ will very soon be the most trending term pertaining to the IT industry. SoMoClo stands for Social, Mobile and Cloud which points to the collaboration of these three to provide the user access to data and applications from anywhere and at any time. This completely points to the direction ERP software is expected to migrate.

Besides mobile ERP has been predicted as the future of ERP. This is a highly likely occurrence that is expected to completely change the world of ERP. An ERP software which is based on the cloud would deliver greater benefits in this scenario. The wiser ERP service providers already have got the mobile applications for the same. Mobile ERP makes the actual purpose of ERP much more defined. Gadget independent ERP makes it so much more convenient for you and your team to utilise and make the most of the information at hand.

With mobile ERP it would be possible for you and your team mates to access all the vital information regardless they are in the office (as is essential for on premises ERP) or not.

This concept makes much more sense. For example, if during a client meeting you need to track how the previous meetings have been, you need to simply open your ERP on your mobile phone and all the relevant client information is right there in front of you. If you have to give a call to someone back in the office or carry a large sheet of paper with the required information in it, hasn’t the whole purpose of installing the ERP failed??

So if you still haven’t moved your ERP to the cloud, it is the right time to do so.

At Target Integration, we are all geared up for the cloud based ERP. Contact us today to match your pace with the world.

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