How to add a product to Jigoshop in WordPress

This user guide will show the step by step process to add a new product to your Jigoshop product listings on WordPress. Also in this section we will cover how to tag a category for that product to add it to your site.

Step one: Logging in

simply log in to your WordPress website. On the left hand side on the menu, select Jigoshop->products->add new


Step two: filling in the details

Enter your title. This will be the overall title displayed for your product on the front end. Make sure it is written that best suits your shop and product.

When you have decided on a title, go ahead and fill in the description of the product. Here is an example;

under the section you just filled in, enter the viability/price/tax and other necessary details that your product requires.


Step three: Images

To add an image or multiple images to your product to display on the front end of your site, you can do this by selecting the Set featured image link on the right hand side in the “Featured image” section here you can either upload a new image or use an existing image you previously uploaded.


Dont forget to press the setbtn  button before continuing.

Step four: Product categories

To add your product to a category that you have already created select it from the “Product Categories” panel on the right hand side. You can pick multiple categories here, in this example I have put mine in the “GEL” and “4 pin flat base”. As this product will show up in both of these categories when i select them on the front end.


Step five: Publish you product

Now its time to publish your product! If you would like to view how your product will look like on your site click on the “Preview” button, this will show you how your product will look be displayed. Here you can see if you need to add, delete or edit some of the details you have entered.

When you are ready to display this product on your site, go ahead and press the publishbtn and hey presto! Your product is now on your site and in your Jigoshop listings

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