Gladinet Client Blocking HTTP Port 80

I use XAMPP for testing/development and demo of our web applications and I recently installed Gladinet Client to access my Microsoft Sky Drive from my computer. But next time when I ran XAMPP and started Apache and browsed to localhost nothing came up. In fact it sent me to a "Not Found" Page and this started the debugging of the problem.

I started with xampp-portcheck.exe which comes together with the XAMPP package. After running the tool when Apache was turned off, it told me that port 80 was in use by SYSTEM.

The next step was to check which ports are in use and I used netstat on windows command line.

{code}netstat -ab{/code}

Option a with netstat gives you all the listening ports and connections and option b tells you which particular executable is using that port and here you go the port was listed and the executable listed was gladinetclient.exe

Turned Off Gladinet Client and my XAMPP is back in action again.

Now is time to search if there is setting where Gladinet's port can be changed as I don't want to change my XAMPP port.

Will let you know what I find soon.

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nedu says:

I resolved this by shutting down GladinetClient.exe while working with Apache, when I need to transfer files to my skydrive I restart GladinetClient.exe. When I’m done transferring files I shut it down again.

In my comment above, an important part disappeared because it was enclosed in < and > (lower/greater than symbols). Here’s a correction:
httpd-vhosts.conf – replace all “VirtualHost *:80″ with “VirtualHost″
…and yes, it is necessary.

The real solution is to edit two files:
httpd.conf – replace “Listen 80″ with “Listen″
httpd-vhosts.conf – replace all with (I’m not sure if this is necessary)

If you already have Gladinet installed, you may need to uninstall it, remove all folders named “gladinet” to get rid of saved preferences.

Federico says:

Hi, I’m having the same situation between Gladinet and XAMPP, have you found any solution yet?

Honestly speaking… no real solution yet but this could help