Vtiger vs Sugar CRM: Major Points of Difference

Vtiger CRM: Vtiger CRM is a customer relationship manager, available as open source as well as closed source. Sugar CRM: A customer relationship management (CRM) system which is available in both open-source and commercial open-source applications Sugar CRM vs Vtiger CRM: Here is a table highlighting major differences between Vtiger and Sugar CRM. Features Vtiger…


Things to Consider Before Buying a CRM

Have you ever thought about the few basic though very important considerations businesses need to keep in mind while buying a Business management Software? The list is not exhaustive and hence it will all depend on particular requirements and situations of your business which should be considered you invest in…


What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

A lot of people ask me in meetings that what is a CRM application. I thought it will be a good idea to write a detailed article around this. In general, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a process of managing the relationship with your customer. The relationship…


Features of a Good Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Managing contacts can be a challenging task for any business but with a proper Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) such as vTiger; managing customers is as easy as ABC. Customers in case of a CRM is a very general term used for any individual/organisation who have had any dealing with you….


Generate Dummy Data for Testing Your Software

  Target Integration deals with a lot of CRM applications like vTiger, CiviCRM etc and every now and then we need to test either a new CRM addon or a custom CRM Application for a business. In order to make sure that we don't do experiments with real user data…