Integrating CRM in Marketing and Advertising Agencies

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Be it a marketing agency, an advertising agency or marketing and advertising unit of a larger company, one thing is for sure, you need CRM to ensure that you are using all your resources and potential to their optimum limit and attracting maximum sales for your business.
Using tools like Excel is not only outdated but also inconvenient. Thus the need of cloud based CRM software arises. With help of a CRM, managing client information, scheduling follow-ups and meetings and channelling the workflow becomes a child’s play.
In an industry like marketing and advertising, the information pool is immensely large. As far a client is concerned it’s important to keep a close tab on Client Information such as their
 Requirements
 Product details
 Budget
 Propaganda
A CRM also helps you put up reminders for yourself as well as send meeting reminders to clients without those desk calendars or check lists. This leads to smoother relationships with clients.
On the other hand it is also important to
• Manage various ongoing projects
• Manage resources and skills
• Manage teams for each project
• Analyse progress in each project
• Plan line of action
With a cloud based CRM software, keeping a close check on all these activities becomes massively easy and can be done at anywhere and on any device such as your PC, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone.
For the Branding of your company, a CRM allows you to send e-mails with the domain name @YOURCOMPANYNAME.COM with the help of Google apps. You can also create a work document and share it with multiple people, easing review and editing of the work. Employee interaction becomes quicker, leading to an increase in efficiency.
Referrals and leads are more frequent in this industry as compared to others. Thus their management also becomes greatly important. CRM aids this activity through Bulk E-mails and Bulk Sms.
At Target Integration, we understand that each sector has its own needs. We are all geared up to customize the basic CRM to fit just right for your needs depending upon your company size, employees and clientele.
Get a step closer to having an all controlled environment at your company. For more information contact us an e-mail at .
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