Your Salon needs a CRM software as well.

With the immensely increasing competition in service industry, pleasing the client becomes extremely important.
To give your customers that WOW experience, couple your services with a CRM for the increased customer Step-In.
Wouldn’t it be appealing for your customers to receive a call from you just when they are planning their salon appointment?

  • With a CRM software you can track when your customer had their last service and hence can give them a call at the right time and entice them with right kind of offers
  • You can also easily see if a certain customer steps in for a certain kind of services, allowing you to generate packages suitable just right for them
  • With the help of a cloud based CRM software, you can make sure that you do not miss out on birthdays or anniversaries of your clients
  • Simply by giving them a special offer for their special day, you can also shoot up your revenue.

Managing all this manually is nearly impossible as it would include time killing task of going through those books or excel sheets.

  • Employing a CRM software, Eases out task and also leaves no gaps for any misses.
  • A cloud based CRM software also helps you keep a record of all the appointments and schedules and help you to easily give a call or drop an SMS to your client, reminding about the same.
  • You can track your client’s favorite service provider and ensure his/her availability at the time of appointment.

Recording your clients experience and preferences and customizing your services to suit them, becomes a no-brainer. Besides, spreading the word about those special offers you introduce on the various occasions through the year, becomes easier and inexpensive with the help of bulk e-mails and bulk SMSes.

All this helps you attain customer satisfaction which in turn ensures your growth and hence increased clientele. With so much taken care of, by the integration of CRM into your salon, you can actually worry about the things demanding greater attention.
At Target Integration, we serve you the right kind of CRM, as per your needs and the size of your set-up.

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