Tiny ERP Installation

I am finding it difficult to keep track of what I am doing during the installation of the Tiny ERP server & Client on my machine. So, I thought of starting this blog where I can not only keep track of what I am doing but I can also guide my friends who would like to test/install Tiny ERP for themselve or their client/employer.

I have spent a good part of two days and I think there is no point in talking about all that time that I have wasted in doing all this. I have just now re installed a vmware windows machine where I am going to do the clean install of the server.

Installed TinyERP-demo-setup-4.2.1 which was supposed to be supporting Windows Vista. But seems like it doesn’t support Windows XP any more :) Here is what I found:

  1. Client started but message came up that it couldn’t connect to the server.
  2. I checked the server from Administrator Tools>Services and it wasn’t running.
  3. I checked PostgreSQL and it wasn’t running either. Tried to start it and the message came up that it started and stopped.

At this stage (10pm of the second day), I decided to remove and install the older version 4.2.0 of Tiny ERP demo. I was interested in installing the demo because I didn’t want to spend time setting up database and server.

The installed demo this time was working and when I tried to connect to the database it told me that there is no database and I must create one. I created a database without the demo data and the process was successful. At this stage I started Client on my local PC and pointed it towards the server on the vmware machine and that worked perfectly fine as well.

This concluded the day and I am now ready to test TinyERP version 4.2.0. I have had some experiences in the past when not upgrading to the latest version was always useful. This was another such experience and it seems I should learn from these experiences and specially when working with Open Source.

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Raphaƫl Valyi says:

Yeah TinyERP is a little bit difficult to install. Still, IMHO, it’s by far the best open source ERP around and it has absolutely no competitor. I spent 3 months comparing open source ERP’s and just completed a training on TinyERP: I can tell it: it’s really well done in term of modularity, interoperability and even on the functional side, it’s really worth the installation trouble. And hopefully they get it fixed. I predict they will eat SAP or at least a good part of it, yes nothing less. so good luck with TinyERP but at least you’ll be rewarded in the long run.