Cloud Yogi vTiger CRM Customer Portal User Manual

Cloud Yogi / VtigerCRM Customer Portal User Manual

Cloud Yogi CRM &  vTiger CRM come’s with customer portal, where these CRMs empower the customers (customers of the CRM user) to enter complaints and see (Trouble Tickets), view FAQs, Invoice, Quotation, Products, Service, Documents (associated with them), Assets & Project Management ( Project, Project Task & Project Milestone).

However they can only see the associated records only.

Below is the User Manual for the Customer Portal, which you can share with your customers to use the portal in the best manner.


While creating a contact in vtiger CRM, provide a valid Email ID to which the login credentials, user name and password, should be sent.Make sure that the Outgoing Server is set appropriately.

In the create-view or edit view of a contact, under the ‘Customer Portal Information’ block, click on the Portal User to enable it.Also provide Support Start Date and Support End Date to set the time duration of portal access for your Contacts.



Consequently, the login credentials will be mailed to the contact.Customer can login with the details mentioned in the mail.Please remember that the customers cannot login into the portal if their support has been expired.




Change Password

We recommend you to change the password after logging in first time.After successful login, click on the link, My Settings; As a result, a popup will appear where you can update your password.







In each tab the customer have the  list which has two values


Shows the records of the Account to which the customer belongs.


Shows the records of the logged in customer.

 All/Mine dropdown is not available for Contacts, Accounts and Knowledge Base.


In the list-view of Tickets, you can search the tickets depending upon the status. You can also list-out all the tickets that belong to the logged-in user by selecting Mine and display the tickets related to other contacts in the Organization by clicking on All from the drop-down.

Create New Tickets

Click on New Ticket button to create new ticket.Provide the Ticket name, category, priority and Severity.Select the service contract, if necessary and provide the description of the issue.Click Save to update changes.Also, you can select a Service Contract, if any, related to the issue.



In the detailview of the ticket, you can post comments and they can be viewed in the related ticket in Trouble Tickets Module.Also, an email notification will be sent to the user whoever is assigned to the ticket.You can attach documents to the ticket which can be viewed in More Information > Documents of the logged-in user’s record.

Close Trouble Ticket

Trouble ticket should be closed by the Contact that created the ticket.Click on Close this ticket link to close the ticket.Else, it can also be closed by the user that was assigned the ticket with.Change the status as Closed to close the ticket.Creating comments will be disabled once the ticket is closed.


Under the contacts tab, Select Mine to view your contact details and All will display all the contacts under your Organization.



Click on the contact First name or Last name to go to the detail view of the Contact.




Displays the detail view of the logged in customer’s Organization information.



Products And Services

If you click on Products tab it will show the products that are directly related to the Customer and products associated with Quotes and Invoices.This is same for Services also.



Click on the product will take you to the detail-view of the product.


If you click on the documents tab you can view the list of documents that are related to the logged in contact. Click on the file name to download the attachment.



A click on the title of the document will display the detailview of the document.



Invoice and Quotes

Invoice and Quotes are similar in representation.Click on Mine to view the Invoices or Quotes related to the logged-in Contact.Click on All to view list of all Invoices and Quotes related to Contact’s Organization. In the detail-view, click on the subject of the invoice to download the PDF version of the Invoice.



Knowledge Base

You will find the FAQs related to the logged-in Contact’s Organization which are set as Published.You can find all the products, that are associated to the FAQ, on the left side of the knowledge base.

Click on the product name will list out all the FAQs that are related to the product.



Click on the FAQ article will take you to detail-view of the FAQ where you can view the Knowledge base title and its Answer.

You can also post a comment from the detail-view which can also be displayed on the Comment Information of the FAQ in vtiger CRM. If you would associate any documents to FAQ in vtiger CRM, they will be displayed in Knowledge Base detail view in Customer Portal.




Displays the Assets that are related to the Organization of the logged-in contact.Click on the Asset Name will take you to detail-view of the Asset.




Displays the Projects that are directly related to the Logged-in contact.



Click on the project name will take you to the detail view where you can view the Project Tasks, Project Milestones, Project Tickets and Project Documents that are related to the project.



In the detailview of the projects click on Raise Ticket to generate a ticket related to the project.The ticket will be listed in detailview of project in the Customer Portal and More Information > Trouble Tickets of the project.




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