vTiger Mail Chimp Module

Recently we started marketing in more active way and specially email marketing where we not only picked up Mail Chimp as our Newsletter tool but we also started providing training to businesses to learn how to do use Mail Chimp to send newsletters to your mailing lists. The reasons of selecting Mail Chimp over others available in the market were many.

It is not only the most intuitive newsletter application but it is the most cost effective one as well; Mail Chimp allows you to send 3000 newsletters to 500 contacts every month. Mail Chimp is already integrated with a number of other Customer Relationship Manager applications and provides easy data transfer between them.

Mail Chimp provides API to integrate third party applications like Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), Blogs or Shopping Carts.

As Target Integration provides installation, customisation and support on vTiger CRM; we decided to develop a Module to integrate vTiger and Mail Chimp together. So the great plugin is in the making…. watch this space for updates….

Short URL: http://bit.ly/hMXSCF
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JB in LBC says:

I just finished sewing in the API and for the module but I now find myself scratching my head and asking myself, “what next”? Is anyone aware if there is any support documentation for the integration? Specifically, I am trying to test synchronization – their is a column in the Mail Chimp module in vTiger titled Last Synchronization. That column in mocking me bc for the life of me I cannot see where there is a button or gadget that would execute the synchronization. Does anyone have that figured out yet?

Hi JB, You should probably post this in the forum. http://www.targetintegration.com/forum/

Mark says:

Hi, we’re interested in this plugin as well, running 5.2.1 and willing to lend the resources to improve it if necessary! Thanks

Thanks Mark, Will have an update today for you!!

Ali Qureshi says:

Hi Everyone !
So putting Vtiger together with Mailchimp must be a dream, the best of 2 worlds. But do anyone have any news regards to this? and this module will it be able from the Vtiger page to download?

Rohit, are you working on Vtiger or?

Hi Ali, Yes we are back working on it again and will have some update today evening!!

Aaron says:

This sounds exactly what we’re looking for. Do you have a copy of the 5.1.0 you can share or an eta on when you’ll get the green light on the 5.2.1 version?

Releasing 5.2.1 beta version today!!

prabu says:


I am working to integrate Mailchimp with vtiger..

Any help regarding this will be helpful for me..


Hi Prabu, it will be available today atleast..

Bryant, Yes I will write a post on it.
And apologies to all for the delay in getting this ported over. The code was originally written for version 5.1.0 for one of our client and has been waiting for client’s approval on releasing this as open source. It also will have to be updated for the latest version of vtiger 5.2.1

Bryant says:

Hi Rohit would it be possible to list a description of what your vTiger Mail Chimp Module will do.

Simon says:

Hello is this famous module released by any chance??
cheers simon*

Andy says:

Any update?  I'm in process of trying to decide on a CRM solution, and vtiger sounds like a good one for integrating with Thunderbird, but I am looking for Mailchimp integration as well…

Hi Andy, Hope to have a beta released next week.

Michael says:

Any update?

Hi Michael, looking at end of January release..

Edmundo says:

Hi Rohit, do you have any news?
Please let me know.
Thank you.

Vladimir says:

correction to the original article…new version of mailchimp allows Free account 1000 subscriber limit | 6,000 sends left :)
nice… not an affiliate….just a fun & satisfied user… ;)

Vladimir says:

great news…. this two products are just right for each other…
can´t wait to test it…
any donate button maybe…

Brad says:

Where can we get this module?

Hi Brad,
We are going to release this module by next week. Keep watching this space :)

Ken Lyle says:

I am interested, too.  It would be particularly great if the newly exposed open/click and/or Social Pro information from Chimp were available in vTiger.

Hi Ken,
You are right but they will not be available from the first version of the module. If it becomes popular enough, we may put it in for the next release.

Matt says:

We are just getting started on a mailchimp <-> vTiger connection.  I would love to team-up and help out in any way I can.  I am pretty good with PHP and I think I would be an asset in your endeavor.  We are also considering paying a contractor to write the code for us.  Please let me know if you are interested or not.