Restaurants Billing Software or POS or Inventory Managment

Welcome to the world of Hospitality!!

We all find it extreme relaxing and enjoying to sit in restaurants, bars and clubs with our loved ones.

But do you know restaurants, bars and clubs need to be completely IT updated to serve you well and make you feel the utmost special. In pursuit of this, owners and managers of restaurants, bars and clubs often come across the following problems 

- Tracking Number of Customers they have served 

- Sales of Day or Week or Month

- Profiling of Customer like Name, Phone Number, Email id – Address, Birthdays, Anniversary

- Most Loyal Customer

- Most Selling Product/Item

- Point of Sale System

- Centralised System for Managing Multiple Restaurant

- Sales of Each Restaurant

- Inventory Tracking and Record Keeping

- Vendor

- Purchase Order

- Many More

And the only way out to manage such major problems is Cloud Based ERP Solution. The cloud based ERP solution helps the Restaurants, Bars and Clubs to track & manage invoicing, inventory, customer data, purchase order and sales tracking on their finger tips.

One of the best reason to use a cloud based ERP is that it’s completely Live, which means sitting from any location you can track the performance or sales of your store. Also, it is not device depended i.e. it can be used on Laptop, Desktop, POS Till, Tab and even on Mobile Phone.

Just connect with your Printer and Cash Drawer and the system is up and running for you to use without any risk of data loss, server or system crashing.

Cloud based ERP system are completely scalable product i.e. as you grow your business you can also make the system grow with it and help you tracking various things like HR, Accounting, Fleet Management, Payroll, Lead Management, Reminder and many more. Also it’s completely customized which means any module can be customized according to the requirement of the customer.

With this once the system is in place you are free to GROW your BUSINESS and SPREAD as many SMILES you want.


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