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Recruitment is an important part of any business, it provides organization a pool of qualified candidates. Although it’s a expensive exercise but it is not possible to stay away from this exercise. When organizations choose the right people for the job, train them well and treat them appropriately, these people not only produce good results but also tend to stay with the organization longer. In such circumstances, the organization’s initial and ongoing investment in them is well rewarded. A company’s effectiveness depends on its employees’ good work.

Odoo/OpenERP’s Human Resources modules enables you to manage important aspects of staff work efficiently,  manages employees, job positions, departments, leaves etc.

Not all the system users are employees, user has to create an employee and link them to a system user. After installing the HR module you can configure this as per your needs.

To configure the Human Resource Module Click on “Settings” –> Select “Human Resources” under “Configuration”  option from left panel. User can change the configuration from here:

Human Resource Configuration in OpenERP/Odoo


Once you have configured the module to your needs. Here are the basic operations which you may perform:

  1. Employee management: Employees and their contracts can be created and removed in this section.
  2. Recruitment section: Applications can be created for perspective candidates.
  3. Time Tracking section: Employees can log their time spent on one or other projects on daily basis.
  4. Attendances section: Attendance can be tracked in this section on the basis of Employees sign in and sign out
  5. Expenses section: Employees can create record of expenses by them for official purpose which can later on be reimbursed by the company.
  6. Leaves section: Employees can use this section to request holidays/leave from their managers. HR Managers will see this sub menu item listing all leave requests which are requested but not approved as yet.
  7. Appraisals section: Each employee may be assigned an Appraisal Plan. Such a plan defines the frequency and the way you manage your periodic personnel evaluation. You will be able to define steps and attach interviews to each step. Odoo/OpenERP manages all kinds of evaluations: bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluation and final evaluation by the manager.
  8. Payroll section: Employees payslips can be created from this section.
  9. Configuration: From this section you can configure Employee Tags, Job Positions, Departments, Leaves Types, Expense Categories, Appraisal Plans, Contract, Attendance, Recruitment, Payroll.

In Odoo/OpenERP, “Employee” represents all of the physical people who have a work contract with the company. This includes all types of contracts: contracts with both fixed and flexible time periods, and also independent and freelance service contracts.

A “User” is a physical person who is given access to the company’s systems. Most employees are users but some users are not employees: external partners can have access to parts of the system.


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