Are you still wondering how Cloud Computing can improve productivity, efficiency and increase innovation in your organization?

Hello and welcome to our third newsletter from the series on Cloud Computing.

If you missed the earlier ones you can read the first one about What is Cloud here and the second one about Cost saving here.
In this edition, we are going to tell you how Cloud computing can benefit your company in terms of efficiency, productivity and innovation.


Grow your Efficiency and Productivity

Using Cloud based services will increase your efficiency by allowing your employees to be more productive in a virtualized environment.

  • You can easily share everything you want (files, videos, presentations…) with all the members of your company and work on it at the same time.

→ Thanks to that, you are able to work with your colleague even if they are not in the same place, so you can reduce the number of your meetings and shifts to use that time to progress faster on your projects.

→ Everything you put on the Cloud is accessible through the Internet, so it’s a paper, space and time saving not having to do all the paperwork (real files, photocopies…) which also make the organization easier.

  • You can use Cloud Solutions to automate a lot of tasks that your people usually performed. So as you standardize and automate, the more people you can free up to do other things for your business.
  • Instead of the weeks or months that purchasing and installation typically require, equipment in the cloud can be ready within hours and that is a faster time to value.
  • Migrate everything you need out of your own data centers into the cloud could better cope with large surges of capacity at peak times, allowing the company to grow its customer base without being constrained by its data center capacity.
  • Maintenance & Help services guaranteed 24/7 : No breakdown, no set up, no worries, no waste of time.


Make your company innovative

The Cloud is an enabler of new business models, and all parts of the business should be re-thinking what they do in light of the cloud’s capabilities.

You can use the Cloud to realize basics operations, but you should also think about how it could help you to revise and improve your business models, adopt new ways to sell your goods and services and expand your business. For example, you can use cloud-based analytics to analyze the page views on your website each month, and then make recommendations to visitors.

Cloud computing is not just a simple variation on traditional IT services, there is a broader opportunity here for business model innovation. Cloud Services are countless and there is no way you could not find some to respond to your exact needs! If you want to know more about what could be the best Cloud solutions to improve your company and your business model, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you the best advice possible for your specific situation.


Next week we will cover the benefits than you can get from using Google Apps. The cost effective and cloud based Email, Calendar, Document Sharing, Communication and lot more.

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