Creating Custom HTML Module in Joomla

I have often been asked by a number of Joomla users and website administrators that can I add a module with some text and images in it. Also, what about adding some custom HTML on your website or a widget provided by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Well, I am always glad to say that Joomla comes up with the ability to cater for almost all type of specific needs of a site in the most user friendly fashion possible. In just few steps you can have the module that is customized just for your needs by using a module type called Custom HTML.

Here are the steps to allow you to achieve this in Joomla 2.5:

  1. Login to Joomla
  2. Go to Extensions > Module Manager
  3. Click New on the top right hand side
  4. Now select the type of the module in this case we select “Custom HTML”
  5. Now provide it a name, hide the title as we don’t need it and select the position. In this case we already know position-14 is the location where you want to publish your content.
  6. Enter the content that you want to display on the website in the Custom Output field
  7. Save it and that’s it you are done.
See it practical in the video below:
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