Jewellers Need an ERP too!!

The face of jewellery market has long been changing. Multi-outlet retails are dominating the picture and have been successful in not only attracting the customers but also building a level of trust. Thus it becomes essential on the part of the jeweler chains to incorporate technology with your business. This…


Live Chat: Does It Really Help Your Web Store?

It is well known in the marketing world that word of mouth is the best form of publicity. But at the same time, it is not something you can pay for. You have to earn it. How do you earn it? The answer is simple! Provide impeccable customer support and…


How do I Write Correct Keywords in My Products Page?

As part of our SEO work that we do at Target Integration for our clients, we always get asked about the correct way of putting keywords in articles and product pages. Adding the right keywords is an important step in helping customers find your products. Here are some guidelines for…


Why Integrate your ERP with Your Online store?

E-Commerce is a trending genre, soon being visualized as the future of most businesses regardless of whether it is a B2B or B2C kind of a business set-up. So if you have decided to take your business a step forward, and built a web store for your products then just…


How to add a product to Jigoshop in WordPress

This user guide will show the step by step process to add a new product to your Jigoshop product listings on WordPress. Also in this section we will cover how to tag a category for that product to add it to your site. Step one: Logging in simply log in…


Thoughts for eCommerce (Tienda) & CRM (vTiger) Sync

One of our customer would like to have vTiger to manage the customers and orders in vTiger and have a web shop integrated with it. After a lot of investigations we are now planning to integrate vTiger CRM with Tienda Shopping cart. Tienda is an Open Source eCommerce software for…


Reset a Forgotten osCommerce Admin Password

Last week while working on an osCommerce project for a customer, I forgot to note down the admin password for the administrator end. Administrator interface provides access to manage your ecommerce website built on osCommerce platform. But in this case there was no way that I could remember the password…


5 Reasons to Start an Online Business in 2010

You must have heard of mighty recession going on at the moment but we don’t believe in recession.

Recession or no recession, there are a number of reasons why you should start an online business in 2010. I am going to list out 5 of them in this Knowledgement article and I’ll let you decide if you think they are legitimate or not. Let me know by email or using the contact us page on this website.


Satisfied Online Shopper is More Likely to Purchase Again

Online-Customer-ServicesA US study of online shopping habits has found that a highly satisfied online shopper is 73 percent more likely to purchase online than a dissatisfied shopper, and 75 percent more likely to recommend a site to a friend. The annual report into customer satisfaction with retail websites by ForeSee Results showed that only 10 of 40 top e-tail sites managed to improve their online shopper satisfaction rating since the previous year’s study.