Jewellers Need an ERP too!!

The face of jewellery market has long been changing. Multi-outlet retails are dominating the picture and have been successful in not only attracting the customers but also building a level of trust. Thus it becomes essential on the part of the jeweler chains to incorporate technology with your business. This…


Using Twitter Analytics to enhance your Tweets

Social media is one of the fastest growing tool which instantly connects you to people all around the globe. It enables you to reach and convey your message to a larger audience. Twitter gained extra popularity because reaching to the people with short and crisp tweets made it all the…


CRM for Educational Institutes

CRM is an extremely flexible and accommodating software. It can be conveniently redesigned to fit most data management needs of an organization. Thus CRM proves to be a beneficial and worthwhile tool, also for educational institutes where large amounts of data needs to be handled and assessed at all points…


Benefits of Odoo on Cloud and as SaaS

Odoo formerly known as OpenERP is an open source ERP. As you might know, Odoo can be hosted on client’s premise, on cloud or provided as SaaS. You can easily find the advantages of Odoo as an ERP for your business. But today I am going to talk about the…


Two Factor Authentication in Joomla 3.2

This is exciting for those who know it and for all the power users and security freaks out there. From version 3.2 onwards, Joomla! comes with a built-in two factor authentication system. It secures your site login with a secondary secret code that’s changing every 30 seconds. You can use…


Reset WordPress Admin Password

Once again when migrating customers from one hosting/support provider or website developer there is almost always a case that the previous developer doesn’t remember the admin password. In those cases you have to reset the password by going to the database directly. You can use PHPMyAdmin or MySQL Command Line…


Bug in Noix K2 Adapter – Solved

We all know that Joomla 1.6 has been released but what is stopping Target Integration to move from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.6 for all of our new projects is the Content Construction feature. With customers' needs varying a lot we are now becoming a fan of using K2 but…


Installing Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System

Last week I created first of our Youtube tutorial of installing Alfresco Content Management System version 3.3 on Ubuntu 8.04. The Ubuntu server was installed on a VMware ESXI server and I was using VMware Infrastructure Client to connect to it. Alfresco is an Enterprise Content Management System, Document Management…


Joomla! 1.5.18 Released

Joomla! team has released version 1.5.18 of Joomla! Content Management System. The latest version fixes a security bug and rolls back a issue which from version 1.5.16.

The release notes on Joomla’s website listed out the changes as:


Joomla! v1.5.16 Released – Upgrade Now!!

Thanks to the Joomla team as they have now released the latest version of their Content Management System Version 1.5.16. The latest version fixes 48 bugs from the previous version 1.5.15. Out of the 48 issues four were security issues hence users are recommended to update their websites to the…