Label Manufacturing: Better managed with or without an ERP ?

Label and sticker printing is an extremely competitive business as this business stays relatively unaffected during most economical turmoil in industry. Thus it becomes more important for the owners of a printing business to integrate latest technology with their business to have an edge over their competitors. This article makes…


Souhaitez-vous être efficace avec un ERP? Voici un guide en 5 points!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) est un logiciel d’automatisation des processus d’affaires. Mais apporte-t-il une réelle valeur ajoutée à votre entreprise, ou est-ce juste un autre logiciel pour alléger notre fardeau sur l’ordinateur. Voyons rapidement 5 façons d’être efficace avec un logiciel ERP. La prise de décision efficace: Un logiciel ERP…


Does your Business Really Need ERP?

Whenever a business owner is told about a major change he needs to bring about in his company to keep up with the pace of market, he lands in a state of introspection!! He needs to think through primarily about WHY this change is needed and HOW will he bring…


Vtiger Mobile Application for Vendors

It’s a world of smart phones and to succeed today, it is essential to make your presence in the mobile world. Are you a CRM provider? Do you wish to increase and strengthen your customer base? We have a definite way for you to do so!! After making the Vtiger…


Running two different apps for CRM and ERP? Why?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and an Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) software are two of the software used to automate and manage a businesses’ internal processes related to different functions like sales, marketing, customer service and technical support in case of a CRM software. An ERP software apart from…


Digital Management of Your Assets

  Assets Management is the process of managing all the assets of a company. For a company, an asset is any tangible property that belongs to the company and hold values for it. CRM and ERP have an inbuilt asset management module which can look after most of your day…

data protection

Vtiger Security Feature

Vtiger CRM is one of the most widely used CRM across the globe. The various features and modules of Vtiger ensure proper integration and utilization of the information resource. Thus it can be easily established that a CRM is like an information pool, storing large, critical and confidential company data….


Benefits of Odoo on Cloud and as SaaS

Odoo formerly known as OpenERP is an open source ERP. As you might know, Odoo can be hosted on client’s premise, on cloud or provided as SaaS. You can easily find the advantages of Odoo as an ERP for your business. But today I am going to talk about the…


Why Integrate your ERP with Your Online store?

E-Commerce is a trending genre, soon being visualized as the future of most businesses regardless of whether it is a B2B or B2C kind of a business set-up. So if you have decided to take your business a step forward, and built a web store for your products then just…


Is Cloud Really the Future of ERP?

Industry analysts are always up for their task of studying the prevailing trends and making relevant predictions accordingly. This time the IT Industry analysts have come up with the prediction about the most trending technology term ‘The Cloud’. These industry analysts have not only come up with a new term…