Is Cloud Really the Future of ERP?

Industry analysts are always up for their task of studying the prevailing trends and making relevant predictions accordingly. This time the IT Industry analysts have come up with the prediction about the most trending technology term ‘The Cloud’. These industry analysts have not only come up with a new term…


Buying an ERP? Have You Given these 7 Ultimate Points a Thought??

Having made the decision of Installing an Enterprise Resource Planning System is one of the wisest decision you can make for your Business. It is a step forward to ensure your edge in the market over your competitors, still relying on the obsolete means on Business process management. Now it…


What is Net Neutrality and why should you vote for it?

Net Neutrality. In the past few days this term has become one of the most circulated and talked about term particularly in India. So what is this net neutrality?? And why do you need to know about it? When we browse through the internet, all the sites are equally and…

Plan an ERP

3 Important Considerations for a Successful ERP Implementation

You plan to install an ERP system at your Business………… You survey the market and purchase the one that best suits your pocket and business…….. Is that the end of the story. Definitely, NOT! You have to make sure that your ERP system does not become a liability for you…


How to Create Forms and Store Responses in Google Apps?

Google forms is an application from the Google Apps Briefcase. It is an exceptionally convenient form filling and surveying app. Suppose, in your office, you are put in charge of collecting a certain data about all the employees or you have to undertake a survey and collect data from your…


Can a CRM help Your Real Estate Business?

In the world of real estate dealings, constant offers, requirements keep pouring in. Each client has an exclusive set of specified demands and it is extremely mandatory for a real estate dealer to find a property to suit the exact needs of the client to make the best out of…


Lawyer/Solicitor? Don’t Loose any Important Information About Your Client!

If you are a lawyer and reading this, you will surely agree with me when I say that managing piles of papers in your office is surely one of the most exhausting and without a doubt annoying task of your day. You do not enjoy it a bit and yet…


Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) is a process designed to automate a business set-up. As a business owner, keeping track of all the activities in your business is a tedious task. Data manipulation, record keeping, tracking employees, their productivity and having all inclusive knowledge of your business in general: Tracking all…


CRM for Retail Outlets

The essence of a retail business is client relationship. For all the retailers their customers or consumers hold the top position and are essential for a business to flourish. A retailer who manages to attend well to the interests of a customer , will always be better positioned in the market. Hence…


Restaurants Billing Software or POS or Inventory Managment

Welcome to the world of Hospitality!! We all find it extreme relaxing and enjoying to sit in restaurants, bars and clubs with our loved ones. But do you know restaurants, bars and clubs need to be completely IT updated to serve you well and make you feel the utmost special….